1974 "Fifth Wheel" camper van!

This beautiful camper was available in Indiana back in the '70s and is as close as I would get to owning a caravan if I had the opportunity!

Fancy turning up to BVF or Vanfest with this!  Sure would turn a few heads.  Don't know what it would be like to drive mind you especially on windy days!?


Heres something I don't think any of you have seen before. Not even the wise and old amongst us would of passed this one down.

Its definitely a novel way to change your fan belt although I don't think its something you should be doing if you want to keep all your fingers or perhaps your eyes or any other important part of your anatomy!

Please please please don't try this at all not even at home!


Tim's video of the British Volkswagen Festival 2008 Cruise, aka The Rundfahrt. The organised cruise covers a route from the show ground through Great Malvern and back again taking around 30 minutes to complete.

Although the weather was a little wet the cruise went ahead and everyone enjoyed themselves! Thanks to Tim for standing out in the wind and rain to capture the whole thing!

Can't wait for next year, roll on 2009!


Tim also managed to video Titan, an amazing robot type display that was reported to have taken around 10 years to develop and cost over £2 million!

It has to be seen to be believed and had everyone standing jaws wide open.

Titan, amongst other things, was a star attraction at this years Britsh Volkswagen Festival. If you get a chance, track it down, its well worth it!


I've posted some videos on YouTube after our trip to Hanover for the 1st International VW Meeting held to celebrate the 60th birthday of the vw bus!

The show was held on the 5th & 6th October 2007 and attracted crowds of around 71,000 visitors to the Messegelande in Hanover, Germany! The Who played on saturday night to the lucky 3500 who booked their tickets to the show in advance.

Photos: Hanover Show 10/07


BVF are planning to film this years show!

They'll be looking to interview you about your passion for VWs, filming some of the events that take place over the weekend and attempting to capture the fantastic atmosphere at one of the countries premier vw events for the true vw enthusiast

Think you got what it takes to be a star? Drop by the BVF site and sign up to be interviewed and get your pride and passion on DVD!